Here is what our Partners offering you with our Trading-Software

Since 2019, our trading software has been available exclusively through an official partner with an trading-option.
Our partners are our key to success, because we concentrate 100% on software development and this is our sales channel.
If you are interested in one of the following trading options, please do not hesitate to ask for more information.


Partner-Trading-Offers with our Trading-Software


with funded capital and lower risk
  • Each license acquired from a partner receives 400% trading capital
  • Quick Trading-Entry into Forex-/ Future-Trading
  • Trading with funding capital entails less risk
  • You lose a maximum of your monthly profit, as the loss is absorbed by the funding partner in an emergency. The license costs are your maximum loss.


on your own risk
  • Your capital value traded as funded capital (Your capital is traded by our funding partner. We register an account at our funding partner but instead of getting more funded capital, you get the 1:1 amount of your capital provided by our Partner – our Partner is trading that funded capital.)
  • 70% share profit – without any work – for you
  • Capital is secured with a maximum loss of 30% based on the level at the beginning of the month, and trading will be stopped automatically. You decide to continue or not.
  • Minimum deposit is 500 EURO
We do not lend money ourselves and are not asset managers either – 100% of the capital is traded through a funding partner.


Ask our Partners or contact us

An official partner is the link between you and us. Good advice is the basis for a good business-relation between us. Maybe you already have a Partner, if not we will connect you to one of our official partners.

Experience has shown that over time, new questions are constantly coming up with you and other new customers, which are completely normal due to the flood of data. In order to be able to answer all these questions continuously and promptly, your exclusive partner in charge is always within reach.

Please look for an official partner near you and contact them. If you can’t find one, we are also happy to provide you with an exclusive partner for the initial consultation.

Get advice and clarify open questions


Register, verify, do your choice – START TRADING!

We expressly point out that you use the advice from an official partner, so that no open questions or misunderstandings arise.

After your registration, it is needed to verify your data in order to open an account for you and check your identity. (Know-Your-Customer – EU-Law).
Once released you are able to start trading by purchasing your license(s) or start with your own capital. Purchasing a license does not directly mean the start of trading. Please check all informations on wolfdash.eu

Go to the customer dashboard
Here you will find all the informations about your license package(s), returns, Live-Trading, withdrawal options, support options, and much more.