High returns.
Just easy.

Stock market software development, licensors & financial intermediation

Trade with the help of our software and existing financing partners on the NYMEX (futures market) without any stock exchange and software knowledge.

Future Market Trading for Beginners & Professionals

WT-WolfFunding Ltd offers you the world’s first license model, in which license holders, software manufacturers and financing partners participate. Here, we offer you purchase options in the form of annual licenses of € 2,500 each and organise the trading capital of $ 10,000 per year for every acquired license.

Basically, our fully-automated self-learning trading software “ VAST “ targets individuals who want to participate in the highly profitable futures markets (NYMEX & CME Group), expect high and safe returns and do not want to spend 24/7 on it.

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Worldwide unique package for lucrative trading

1. Stock Market Software (F.A.S.T.)

Made in Germany. Self-learning. Autonomous.

2. Financing partner brokerage

High software quality & highly profitable results

3. WT-WF Dashboard - your financial center

Returns, withdrawal requests, support, etc.

In 2 minutes you got to know the basic structure of WT-WolfFunding Ltd a little closer

Here comes the basic information!

We (or your exclusive partner) are always interested to advise you as best as possible.
In order to counteract initial questions, we have compiled the most frequently requested information in a compact form.

That's what WT-WolfFunding Ltd stands for with his concept

As a German company, our focus is the development and operation of software with artificial & self-learning „intelligence“ for automated trading on the futures markets – in our case these are the NYMEX & CME Group.

We analyze, calculate and construct algorithms & indicators for further development / improvement of our “ VAST “ (trading software) for everyday life.

The secret of our software is the experience in stock market trading, continuous training, many pre-launch test phases, even more controlling during trading, and a great deal of enthusiasm as operators.

Get to know WT-WolfFunding Ltd and the team.

You buy the license(s) - We organize the trading capital

Only when all the factors, the environment and conditions for our trading software (F.A.S.T.) interlocks perfectly, our software is able to work as best as possible. Therefore we offer you a „complete package“ in connection with a financing partner / investor.

For the license fee of 2.500 Euro each, WT-WolfFunding Ltd’s financing partner will provide you with a trading capital of 10,000 USD on the Future Market – ( NYMEX , CME Group ) for 1 year.
Each month, trading capital starts again at $ 10,000.

  • Trading profits at the end of the month: the money will be credited to you
  • Trading losses at the end of the month: the loss is borne by the financing partner and the money is raised back to $ 10,000.

Your open question:
„Why does WT-WolfFunding Ltd offer such a concept?“ We answer in the next section.

Trust is the basis of any future business relationship.

What are the returns?

A forecast and previous figures are the only thing we can offer you. Fixed returns are generally not available in trading.

We aim for an average return of between 0.5 – 1% every day, which is about 10 – 20% of the total monthly return.

We are also a company which is interested in generating profit. Therefore, both the financing partner and WT-WolfFunding Ltd receive a fixed percentage of the total return. However, 50% of the total return belongs to you.

Example with 1 license (2,500 Euro) and 10,000 USD traded on the NYMEX.
If the total return at the end of the month is 20%, this equates to $ 2,000 return on the NYMEX .
50% of this return will be credited to you and then equal to $ 1,000.
(A license traded for you 12 months.)

We are constantly working on new features for more returns & more insight.

Trading on the NYMEX with reduced risk?

Anyone who has been trading on the futures markets will soon realize that this market is both, very complex and risky for inexperienced traders.

True to the motto „Greed Eats Brain“, many traders overestimate themselves and thus quickly gamble „house and farm“.

By using our very complex trading software with integrated trading strategies and our own order & risk management, no trader comes up with the idea of ​​deviating from his trading plan and trading a higher risk.

Your maximum risk is solely the loss of the license value. Up to now, our customers have generated a 100% return (i.e. your license value) within a maximum of 3 – 4 months and have paid off / withdrawn or reinvested.

To be too good to be true? Try us.

What is the WTWF Dashboard?

The customer dashboard can be found at https://wolfdash.eu and is the central hub of all matters.

Here you are able

  • to register.
  • Acquire licenses including invoice download.
  • Track your returns & losses.
  • To see statistics.
  • Apply for payouts.
  • Request support.
  • and much more.

Stay up to date on what's happening in your account.

Why do i need an exclusive partner? - MLM? No!

The question is actually answered very easily. We alone would never be able to handle all the questions that arise next to our actual work. Our exclusive partners therefore serve as a link between you as a customer and us as a German company.

No exclusive partner will receive commissions depending on sales or classification. Exclusive partners are handpicked as well as contractually bound. An exclusive partner, like an insurance company, receives additional bonus trading capital for his efforts.

In this regard, you can find more information on our Exclusive Partner page.

The principle is thus very similar to the structural structure of an insurance company, with its contractual agencies.

Let us advise you, contact us or one of our exclusive partners.

Start your automated trading with WT-WolfFunding Ltd

WT-WolfFunding Ltd manages no money, but offers you licenses for trading on the futures markets.
For the capital contribution of trading our partner „WT WolfFunding Ltd.“ is responsible.