Automated trading on the futures markets is profitable!

The WT-WolfFunding Ltd team has developed a fully automated trading system (F.A.S.T.) that independently detects, learns, calculates, and makes decisions themselves through risk calculations – with a hit rate of about 94 .

We are convinced of the approach of automated trading on forex- & futures markets. That´s why our Partners offer to all interested parties the possibility to purchase annual licenses with the help of a financing partner for trading in the future & forex markets – with our Software.

// self-designed „order & risk management“

Let our Software trade your Account to the top!


Trade funded capital or your own

If you decide to purchase a trading software license with funding capital, this is certainly the easiest and most popular option of partners clients. An interesting point besides live trading is definitely security.

Your maximum risk for Trading-Licenses by our Partners is simply the loss of the license value.
That´s it.

In addition to purchasing trading licenses, our partners offer the option of 1: 1 trading to your wished capital. Here the capital is traded with a share profit.

Both options are interesting and more profitable depending on the trader and capital volume.

Stress-Tested Software with top results


The WolfDash has always been expanded, perfected and provided with security measures. With the relaunch, a new dashboard was also presented, which provides many new functions, including LIVE TRADING.
Many have waited a long time for this, now the time has come. All trades can be observed live.

Trading goes up and down like in life. Sometimes better, sometimes less better. Of course, we don’t see any movement here on some days either, which was both on the holidays (trade-free)in the USA, as well as on trading-free days.

Trade-free days can be found on our website – HOLIDAYS.

About the licensing options
Number of licenses Licensing Trading capital
1 License €2,500 10,000 USD
2 Licenses €5,000 20,000 USD
3 Licenses €7,500 30,000 USD
4 Licenses €10,000 40,000 USD
5 Licenses €12,500 50,000 USD
6 Licenses €15,000 60,000 USD
7 Licenses €17,500 70,000 USD
8 Licenses €20,000 80,000 USD
9 Licenses €22,500 90,000 USD
10 licenses €25,000 100,000 USD
11 licenses €27,500 110,000 USD
12 licenses €30,000 120,000 USD
13 licenses €32,500 130,000 USD
14 licenses €35,000 140,000 USD
15 licenses €37,500 150,000 USD

Interested like many other clients?

This is how the automated trading system works!

WT-WolfFunding Ltd’s system uses future market data from the past 10 years to identify patterns and continue to learn independently. Instead of hiring, it relies on a clear set of rules and current market contract data analyzer: only after a certain probability are positions opened in the market, losses are limited.

The system also takes over order and risk management on its own: If a pattern has offered good performance in the past, higher position sizes will be applied in the future. No trades are made under a probability of 75 %. In this way, the WT-WolfFunding Ltd system achieves returns that can be even above 2 % on certain days.

The system is mainly based on day trading. It therefore only opens positions that are closed on the same day. If this is not the case, the specific rules minimize possible risks. The system will shut down no later than 12 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday – unless there is a recognizable pattern by then that closes on the same day. This guarantees that no position will remain open over the weekend.
In addition to the rules and trade management for risk and orders, the system also has a news ticker. Due to significant economic dates, closing positions can be initiated or refused to open in order to minimize risks in the best possible way.