What clearly speaks for us & our Partners

Most important next to our Software-Quality is our loyalty to our official partners and their customers. We don’t leave anyone unadvised or in the rain when there are any kind of problems. Our support is available 24 hours a day – 5 days a week – not comparable to support times of our partners. Support-Options will ready via the dashboard, via live chat and of course via your official partner. Write your question, no matter which way and you will receive an answer in a timely manner. Our artificial chat consultant will advise you around the clock within a few seconds.

In the further informations of this page we would like to show you the advantages and USPs of the Software and would be pleased to receive any questions or suggestions via contact-form or our Partners.


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What clearly speaks for us & our funding-partners
  • 100 % automated - thanks to artificial intelligence

    Our Trading-Software uses all future market data from the past 10 years to identify patterns and continue to learn independently. Instead of hiring, it relies on a clear set of rules and current market contract data analyzer: only after a certain probability are positions opened in the market, losses are limited.

  • 4x trading capital at NYMEX / CME Group

    Either you purchase software licenses from a partner and get 400% trading-capital by a partners fundingpartner or you trade your own capital at your own risk and a fair share profit.

  • ACTIVE Live-Trading view

    NEW! in our new Dashboard is a incredible feature to see all live-trades.

  • Own Order & Risk Management

    Our software uses algorithms to calculate even at what time & at what level a trade is profitable and on what terms it is executed.

  • minimized risk

    Your maximum risk is simply the loss of the license value. So far, our customers have generated 100 % returns (i.e. to license value) within of 3 – 6 months and have been paid off or re-invested.

  • Dashboard access as a KEY-POINT

    You can visit our dashboard at any time, register there or log into your existing account. Here you will find all the information about your licenses, returns, payout options, statistics and much more.

  • low stress factor

    Trade stress-free, for a good night’s sleep & without having trouble with the family. Our F.A.S.T. takes care & controls the safe trades for you! Just sit back and watch your returns rise.

  • 100 % payment of your withdrawal requests

    We guarantee you 100 percent safety payment of your returns, according to the calculations in the dashboard. The dashboard shows you how to apply for withdrawal at this time. For more information, contact your partner.

  • No MLM sales structure

    WT-WolfFunding Ltd’s structure has no similarity to multi-level marketing with provisioning levels! We are just Developer and our Partners working with our Software.